Wheels & Hubs

Wheels are often the first part to be upgraded on a bike, and not without good reason. The wheels are such an important factor in the performance of a bike, it's vital they get the attention they deserve.

We love vintage wheels and our blog post here has tips for cleaning and stopping steel wheels. Vintage sizes such as 27" x 1 1/4" are becoming harder to find, but we'll do our best to keep sourcing them along with other popular sizes (although we can't guarantee they will always be steel). Please note we are not able to ship wheels outside of the UK.

Hubs generally last a lot longer than the rims they are laced to, they need to be serviced and correctly adjusted, but if they are looked after then generally there isn't a lot that goes wrong. With that in mind, it's likely you will see vintage road bike hubs (particularly from the 1980's) featuring here regularly.